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Ways to Eat Fewer Calories

Telling yourself that you are going to eat fewer calories in order to lose weight is simple, but the actually eating of those fewer calories can be difficult. A variety of factors come into play when you are trying to cut calories including emotions, habits, social situations, and even societal pressures.

1. Savor Each Bite

It is very easy to fall into the trap of eating quickly. However, you may unintentionally eat more calories by rushing through your meal. Slow down while eating by setting your fork back on your plate between bites and laying finger food down after each bite. Consciously pay attention to every bite you eat and you will find yourself eating less and enjoying each bite more.

3. Prepare for Social Situations

Preparation can help you eat fewer calories whether you are at a party, an office event, or just going out for the evening with friends. Call the host of the party and ask what foods are on the menu. Decide in advance which foods you will eat and which you will avoid. At an office event or dinner out with friends commit to eating small portions. Pass on the extras such as appetizers, bread baskets, and dessert.

4. Keep a Food Journal

A food journal can increase your awareness of the number of calories you eat. Making yourself write down every calorie you consume may help you choose wisely because you think about as you’re writing it down. For example, if you are at a fast food restaurant and have the choice between a 300 calorie hamburger and a 700 calorie double cheeseburger, you may be more likely to choose the lower calorie option. This tip helps you make more informed choices about what you eat.

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5. Eat Filling Foods

Little bags of crackers may have low calorie counts, but also offer little in the way of filling nutrients. Thus, you may find yourself eating bag after bag before you finally feel full. Combat this by eating foods that fill you up quickly and keep you satisfied. Examples of lower calorie foods that have a high protein content include hummus, chicken tenders, fat-free Greek yogurt, and legumes. These keep you fuller longer because it takes a long time to digest.

Eating fewer calories is one of the keys to successful weight loss. Practice these calorie lowering techniques as you work on losing weight until they become second nature. Once you reach your goal weight, these same techniques will help you eat at a maintenance calorie level.