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Dental Tourism to India: A Big Money Saver for Americans

Dental Tourism to India: A Big Money Saver for Americans

Dental tourism to India offers huge savings and international quality care. Americans find traveling to India for dental treatment a viable choice to make.

Traveling to countries such as India makes a lot of sense for Americans, especially in the context of medical tourism. Even within this space, dental tourism has become a huge draw because India offers:

* World class dental clinics.
* Best in class infrastructure and equipment.
* Dentists who are Board Certified and qualified to carry out every possible procedure that an individual may need.
* Huge cost savings which means that it is completely feasible to travel to India for even the simplest of dental procedures.

For instance, a dental filling in the USA and Europe can cost around $300 or $400, whereas the cost of the same dental filling in India works out to $40 or so. Dentures can cost around $200 in India, while around $1,000 abroad.

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The best aspect of this narrative is the fact that this lowered cost does not translate into lower quality. All procedures, implants, materials and so on are in line with quality standards laid down by international medical associations.

The many benefits of choosing India for dental tourism

When Americans travel to India for dental needs, they can also enjoy a large number of benefits. Primary among them is money savings of course. There is also the fact that the quality of treatment and care here is of international standards.

You can also get access to every possible specialist when it comes to dental treatments:

* Periodontists.
* Maxillofacial surgeons.
* Orthodontists.
* Oral surgeons.
* Endodontists and so on.

India also offers doctors and medical staff who are fluent in English, so it makes a lot of sense for Americans to travel here. The knowledge that your requirements are understood, accepted and confirmed in a language you know is immensely comforting.

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Dental tourism to India is also a huge and growing market. One study shows that the dental surgery market in India will have a growth rate of 20 to 30%. The same study states that dental tourism in India makes up 10% of medical tourism in the country and is projected to grow at 30% per annum by this year. See: dental surgery in India

Availability of medical tourism operator

It is also a wise decision, both logistically and financially, for Americans to contact a professional medical tour operator who can make all the arrangements for travel, hospital stay, surgery, accommodation and so on.

It does make sense for you to enjoy the many delights of India once you are here, so why not use the post-procedure time to relax in the unique travel destination that is India, rather than worrying about arranging stuff.

All you have to do is contact an operator who can give you consultations with a qualified dentist and then arrange everything as per your needs. Combining relaxation with dental treatments is certainly a great idea and gives you many reasons to smile – literally and figuratively!

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