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Practicing Restraint At Specific Ages Ensures Well-Being

To start practicing restraint in sexual or dietary fronts after reaching the age of 60 will help to ensure you stay as healthy as possible.

Hindu religious scriptures teach one to follow restraint in married life after reaching 60 years of age. Similarly, dietary restrictions in the form of emphasizing on vegetables, fruits, and milk, avoiding rich food supplements based on meat, fish, or eggs, and limiting alcohol intake can ensure good digestion and keep the body free from ailments, and it also helps in attaining peace and tranquility of mind.

The teachings, which date back to more than 1,000 years, have no qualm with present day medical science, and there seems to be no contradictory arguments raised against them either. Though while a saint can attain this through meditation at the precinct of Himalayan caves, for a family man preoccupied with thousands of domestic problems, it’s well-nigh impossible to follow strictures exactly.

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At the specified age, a couple becomes preoccupied with familial and societal responsibilities, and physical relationships outside of marriage ought to become illusory.

With digestive power becoming lesser with ages, intake of vegetables, fruits, milk etc. help in easier digestion and keep the body free from normal ailments, whereas foods from meats, fishes, and eggs stimulate the body and thus hinder the normal digestive system of the body.

Meditation, even for half an hour a day, may also be of help in attaining peace and serenity of the mind in this hostile environment. Extending help to fellow poor and down-trodden people of the society would also help in realizing about the futility of limited life span of human beings and fill one’s heart with accomplishment.