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4 Exercises for Flat Abs and Trim Hips

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The workout you need right now

by Tracy Anderson
From Health magazine

Truth be told, the hips are the anchor of the core. They not only add structure to the transverse abdominis—the muscle that acts as your body’s girdle—but also support those hard-to-get-in-check lower belly muscles. That’s why I like exercises that allow for “bolting,” or stabilization of the hips. They help you win the battle of the bulge by creating a flat, toned stomach. (Word to the wise: You still have to watch what you eat.) Plus, building up those hips—a weak area for many women—will boost your overall power, mobility and stability. Your body will respond like crazy.

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Your hips don’t lie; if they’re weak, you’ll have a saggy stomach—and be at risk for injuries. Firm them up with this sequence and you’ll notice a stronger, flatter belly. Aim to do the exercises six days a week; remember to pair them with 30 to 60 minutes of cardio.

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Watch this workout: 4 Top Exercises for Your Hips and Abs  

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