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Ways to Fall Asleep in Less Than a Minute

Ways to Fall Asleep in Less Than a Minute

Tossing and turning, sleep seems impossible. However, there are things that can make almost anyone fall asleep in less than a minute.

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4-7-8 Method

The 4-7-8 method helps relax the body and mind. Breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds, hold breath for 7 seconds, and exhale through mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat until asleep.

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Hold Nostrils

Place a finger over one nostril. Breathe in and out. Then repeat on other side. Continue to rotate until asleep.pharma guide-a1 (9)

Raw Honey

Keep raw organic honey on hand for sleepless nights. Eating a spoonful before bed can aid sleep.

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Use acupressure. Put pressure on the forehead, right above the bridge of the nose.

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Wear a Mask

Wear a sleep mask. This will block out all light, achieving sleep faster.

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Just like light, noise can interrupt sleep. Wear earplugs to block noise.

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Drink Tart Cherry Juice

Before going to bed drink tart cherry juice. The juice contains melatonin, which aids sleep.