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Surprising Red Flags That Mean You're Sleep Deprived

Surprising Red Flags That Mean You’re Sleep Deprived

Forgetting Things

Everybody forgets where they’ve put their keys at one time or another, but extreme sleep loss brings about a whole new type of forgetful. If you are having trouble remembering small details about your week, or even find yourself digging deep in your memory to find the answers to questions you once knew, you might want to check your sleep schedule.

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Making Stupid Mistakes

Making stupid mistakes can go hand in hand with forgetfulness when you are exhausted. Many people who go without sleep find themselves making risky decisions because they just don’t have the brainpower to think through their decisions carefully. If you find yourself making mistakes that you normally wouldn’t, and they become frequent, you should have a conversation with your doctor.

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Gaining Weight

Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect your mind, it can also cause you to put on extra pounds. Sleep deprivation causes major dips in your blood sugar, which in turn reduces the amount of leptin your body produces. Leptin keeps your body from feeling deprived of food, but without it you’ll find yourself feeling hungry more often. Sleeping a full eight hours will help your body get back on track, as always, if it doesn’t, see your doctor right away.

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Being Irritable

If you are normally a happy go lucky kind of person, and all the sudden you find yourself flipping out over minor issues, a nap might be just what the doctor orders. Frequent sleepless nights tend to make people irrational in thoughts. If you are getting enough sleep, but still feel as though you’ve developed anger issues, speak to your doctor to discuss issues that could cause irritability.

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Feeling Depressed

It’s not an unfair statement to say that insomnia considers depression its best friend. WebMD suggests that during a study done in 2005, those who complained of depression and anxiety also slept fewer than six hours per night. Once you’ve developed insomnia, depression can set in and it starts an awful cycle. Those with depression find it hard to fall asleep, and because the insomnia is present, the depression is hard to shake. Those who find that they’ve been awake for several nights in a row need to seek medical attention to address both insomnia and the possibility of depression.

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Having A Low Sex Drive

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Acting Clumsily

According to Prevention Magazine, people who don’t get enough sleep become clumsier than their more awake selves do. When you are overtired, your body functions at a much slower speed even if you don’t notice it happening. Your motor skills aren’t as precise, and your reflexes aren’t as quick as they once were. A few good night’s sleep and you should be back to your old self in no time.

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Being Ill Frequently

If you notice that you’ve caught every cold or flu bug going around and that isn’t normal for you, check your sleep schedule. Getting less than eight hours of sleep per night prevents your immune system from working properly. In a study printed by Prevention Magazine, physicians injected healthy volunteers with a cold virus. Those who slept less than seven hours per night were three times more apt to develop the cold than those who slept a full eight hours. Doctors suggest eight full of hours of sleep per night to ward off any infections or viruses with which you come in contact.

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Crying All the Time

If frequent crying spells recently started to creep into your everyday life, you might want to head to bed early tonight. A tired brain holds in more negative thoughts than an awake and alert brain does. Physically you may find that your fine, so sleep deprivation isn’t the first thought that comes to mind when the tears start shedding, but it’s more often the culprit than not. Get some extra rest, and if you aren’t less weepy in a few days, follow up with your primary care physician.

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Having Low Productivity

If your boss normally raves at how productive you are and counts on you to always get the job done, but recently you’ve become sluggish and can’t get out of your own way, it’s time to start going to bed early. For the same reasons you become clumsier when you are overtired, your productivity will slow down. Don’t worry, with a few extra night’s sleep your boss will realize your low productivity was just a fluke and everything will go back to normal in no time.