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Reasons You Should Choose Bar Soap Over Body Wash

Reasons You Should Choose Bar Soap Over Body Wash

Bar soap vs. body wash. Which is the best?

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Bar Soap

For a long time, people use bar soaps to clean their skin. However, the emergence of body washes or liquid soaps threatened the existence of bar soaps, accusing the lather of being unhygienic. But still, there are many reasons why you should choose bar soap rather than body wash.

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Bar Soap Is Greener

Bar soaps are easier to transport than body washes as they come in paper boxes rather than plastic bottles like body washes do. These plastic bottles often end up in landfills and are hard to recycle. Body washes also contain water, so water conservation is an issue.

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Bar Soap Lasts Longer

Since body washes are liquid, you can easily consume it in just a few washes. However, bar soaps are solid and they don’t melt easily, giving way to more washes. Just make sure that you place your bar soap in containers that drain water so that your bar soap will last longer.

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You Can Grate It for One-Use Shards

Bar soaps are already economical, but if you want to further maximize its use, you can grate it into shards. Aside from saving money, you also make sure that you only use the shards once, thus avoiding bacterial contamination from other users.

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Bar Soap Is Cheaper

Old-fashioned bar soaps are simply cheaper as many body washes are on the higher end of the cost scale. Even if you buy bar soaps with moisturizers, they still don’t cost more than body washes.

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Bar Soaps Are Excellent Body Cleaners

Bar soaps lather up well, allowing the soap and water to spread across the skin and attach to dirt and oil. With liquid soap, however, you need to use a lot of them before you can work out a strong lather.

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Bar Soaps Have Lower Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product. Since liquid soap is heavier and more meticulously packaged than bar soap, it is also harsher to the environment as it results in a higher carbon footprint for transportation.

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Bar Soaps Are More Natural

If you look at the ingredient list of body washes, you’ll find that many of them are petroleum-based and contain a lot of chemicals that emulsify and stabilize the contents. It’s easier to find natural bar soaps that don?t make use of harmful chemicals like parabens, BHA, and triclosan.