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15 Totally Disgusting Habits That Are Considered Perfectly Normal

15 Totally Disgusting Habits That Are Considered Perfectly Normal

Everyone has bad habits. While some seem tame, others are exceptionally disgusting even though many people consider them perfectly normal.


Forgetting to Wash Your Sheets

Nobody likes to admit this one, but it happens to everyone at some point. You crawl into bed one night and smell something slightly off. Then it hits you: you haven’t washed those sheets in a month. Along with sweat and dirt, who knows what’s lurking in your bed.


Not Washing Your Pillows

Even when people do wash their sheets, very few even think about washing their pillows. Even when you cover them with cases, pillows eventually collect germs, mites, and other yucky stuff. You also need to wash them once a month. This will rid them of those nasty things that make their way inside to the stuffing.


Not Cleaning Your Keyboard

More germs live on a frequently used keyboard than on a toilet. Just think about how you type that email and then chew on your nails. Now those germs are in your mouth. While most people do not even think about cleaning their keyboards, they should probably start.


Not Using a Sheet or Pillowcase

Pillowcases and sheets are not just for style, as they add comfort and an extra layer of protection to beds. Sheets and pillowcases are a whole lot easier to clean and maintain than pillows and mattresses. Unless you plan on steam-cleaning your mattress on a regular basis, use a sheet to protect your bed from dead skin cells, sweat, and nighttime accidents if you have kids.


Using Lemon Wedges in Your Water

Lemons may help that plain water taste better, but unless you washed them thoroughly before placing them on your glass, just skip it. If you ask for a lemon wedge in restaurants, there is no way you can make sure the staff washed the lemon and that the server used a gloved hand or tong to place it in your glass.


Wiping Your Mouth with Your Hand

Grabbing a napkin while eating is not all that hard, and yet people use their hands to wipe that food away instead. Most people do not even think twice about this behavior but unless your hands are very, very clean, you’re wiping germs onto your mouth in place of the food.


Not Washing Pot Holders

Pot holders touch so many different surfaces in your kitchen, including food, so it’s vital to throw them in the wash on occasion. Not washing them allows germs and bacteria to build up. They’ll transfer to food, your hands or mouth, and other food-preparation surfaces in your kitchen.


Picking Food Out of Your Teeth with Your Nails

Like biting your nails, this gross habits deposits even more germs into your mouth. Most people do not give a second thought about picking food from their teeth with their nails, so if you cannot break this habit, at least make sure your nails and hands are very clean.


Sleeping in Makeup

This one’s another habit that is hard to kick once you start because it’s so convenient, but can cause serious issues. Along with clogging your pores and wreaking havoc on your skin, that makeup you sleep in rubs off on the pillows and sheets, which makes them collect more dirt and germs more than they already do.


Not Rinsing Your Water Bottle

Drinking water is an excellent habit, but failing to rinse out your bottle is the exact opposite. When you don’t wash your bottle in between uses, those disgusting germs build up and can cause illness. Just like other dishes, you need to clean your bottle after every use.


Not Washing Your Hands

Most people would not admit to skipping hand washing, but it happens more often than you would probably like to admit. Washing your hands goes a long way in ensuring you don’t spread germs. Skipping that step exposes you and everyone you come into contact with to diseases and illnesses.


Peeing in the Shower

It’s no secret that water makes people feel as if they need to urinate, so jumping into the shower often brings this feeling about. What’s more of a secret is that people often just go with the flow and eliminate that need to pee, because hey, the water is washing it down the drain anyway. Right?