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U.S. BRAND NAMES — Anatrast; Bar-Test; Baricon™ ; Baro-Cat®; Barobag®; Barosperse®; CheeTah®; E-Z-Cat®; E-Z-Cat® Dry; E-Z-Disk™ ; Enhancer; Entero Vu™ ; Entrobar®; EntroEase®; Esopho-Cat®; HD 200® Plus; Intropaste; Liqui-Coat HD®; Liquid Barosperse®; Medebar® Plus; Prepcat; Readi-Cat®; Readi-Cat® 2; Tomocat®; Tomocat® 1000; Tonojug; Tonopaque; Varibar® Honey; Varibar® Nectar; Varibar® Pudding; Varibar® Thin Honey; Varibar® Thin Liquid; VoLumen™

Radiopaque Agents

DOSAGE FORMS — Excipient information presented when available (limited, particularly for generics); consult specific product labeling.

Cream, oral, as sulfate:
Esopho-Cat®: 3% w/w (30 g) [contains sodium benzoate; vanilla flavor]

Paste, oral, as sulfate:
Varibar® Pudding: 40% w/v (230 mL) [target viscosity 5000 CPS; contains sodium benzoate; vanilla flavor]

Powder for suspension, oral, as sulfate:
Baricon™ : 98% w/w (340 g) [lemon-vanilla flavor] Enhancer: 98% w/w (312 g) [lemon-vanilla flavor] E-Z-Cat® Dry: 2% w/w (23 g) [provides 450 mL 2% w/w suspension after mixing; orange vanilla flavor] HD 200® Plus: 98% w/w (312 g) [strawberry flavor] Tonopaque: 95% w/w (180 g) [cherry flavor] Varibar® Thin Liquid: 40% w/v (148 g) [provides 40% w/v suspension after mixing; target viscosity 4 CPS; apple flavor]

Powder for suspension, oral/rectal, as sulfate:
Barosperse®: 95% w/w (225 g, 900 g) [vanilla flavor] Tonojug: 95% w/w (1200 g) [cherry flavor]

Powder for suspension, rectal, as sulfate:
Barobag®: 97% w/w (340 g, 454 g) [packaged as an enema kit]

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Suspension, oral, as sulfate:
Entero Vu™ : 24% w/v (600 mL) [contains sodium benzoate; blueberry flavor] EntroEase®: 13% w/v (600 mL) [contains sodium benzoate; marshmallow flavor] E-Z-Cat®: 4.9% w/v (255 mL) [orange flavor] Liqui-Coat HD®: 210% w/v (150 mL) [contains sodium benzoate; vanilla-raspberry flavor] Readi-Cat® 2: 2.1% w/v ( 250 mL) [contains benzoic acid and sodium benzoate; banana smoothie flavor]; (450 mL) [contains benzoic acid and sodium benzoate; apple smoothie, banana smoothie, and berry smoothie flavors] Varibar® Honey: 40% w/v (250 mL) [target viscosity 3000 CPS; contains sodium benzoate; apple flavor] Varibar® Nectar: 40% w/v (240 mL) [target viscosity 300 CPS; contains sodium benzoate; apple flavor] Varibar® Thin Honey: 40% w/v (250 mL) [target viscosity 1500 CPS; contains sodium benzoate; apple flavor] VoLumen™ : 0.1% w/v (450 mL) [contains benzoic acid, sodium benzoate; blueberry flavor]

Suspension, oral/rectal, as sulfate:
Baro-Cat®: 1.5% w/v (300 mL, 900 mL) [banana-pineapple flavor] CheeTah®: 2.2% w/w (450 mL, 900 mL) [contains sodium benzoate; butterscotch vanilla flavor] Liquid Barosperse®: 60% w/v (355 mL) [vanilla flavor] Prepcat: 1.5% w/v (450 mL) [strawberry flavor] Readi-Cat®: 1.3% w/v (450 mL, 900 mL, 1900 mL) [contains sodium benzoate; orange vanilla flavor; also supplied as a Cat-Pak with enema tubing] Readi-Cat® 2: 2.1% w/v (450 mL, 900 mL, 1900 mL) [contains sodium benzoate; orange vanilla flavor] Tomocat®: 5% w/v (145 mL) [concentrate to make a 1.5% solution; strawberry flavor] Tomocat® 1000: 5% w/v (225 mL) [concentrate; strawberry flavor]

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Suspension paste, rectal:
Anatrast: 100% w/v (500 g) [suspension paste; packaged with enema tips] Intropaste: 70% w/v (454 g) [raspberry flavor]

Suspension, rectal, as sulfate:
Entrobar®: 50% w/v (500 mL) [packaged in administration kit] Medebar® Plus: 100% w/v (1900 mL)

Tablet, oral, as sulfate:
Bar-Test, E-Z-Disk™ : 648 mg

Cream, oral:
Esopho-Cat®: 3% w/w

Paste, oral:

Varibar® Pudding: 40% w/v

Powder for suspension, oral:
Baricon™ , Enhancer, HD 200® Plus: 98% w/w
E-Z-Cat® Dry: 2% w/w
Tonopaque: 95% w/w
Varibar® Thin Liquid: 40% w/v

Powder for suspension, oral/rectal:
Barosperse®, Tonojug: 95% w/w

Powder for suspension, rectal:
Barobag®: 97% w/w

Suspension, oral:
Entero Vu™ : 24% w/v
EntroEase®: 13% w/v
E-Z-Cat®: 4.9% w/v
Liqui-Coat HD®: 210% w/v
Readi-Cat® 2: 2.1% w/v
Varibar® Honey, Varibar® Nectar, Varibar® Thin Honey: 40% w/v
VoLumen™ : 0.1% w/v

Suspension, oral/rectal:
Baro-Cat®, Prepcat: 1.5% w/v
CheeTah®: 2.2% w/w
Liquid Barosperse®: 60% w/v
Readi-Cat®: 1.3% w/v
Readi-Cat® 2: 2.1% w/v
Tomocat®, Tomocat® 1000: 5% w/v

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Suspension, paste:
Anatrast: 100% w/v
Intropaste: 70% w/v

Suspension, rectal:
Entrobar®: 50% w/v
Medebar® Plus: 100% w/v

Tablet, oral, as sulfate:
Bar-Test, E-Z-Disk™ : 648 mg


USE — Diagnostic aid for computed tomography or x-ray examinations of the GI tract

CONTRAINDICATIONS — Hypersensitivity to barium or any component of the formulation; known or suspected obstruction of the colon, known or suspected GI tract perforation, suspected tracheoesophageal fistula, obstructing lesions of small intestine, pyloric stenosis

Specific agents may also be contraindicated with inflammation or neoplastic lesions of the rectum, recent rectal biopsy; use in infants with swallowing disorders; newborns with complete duodenal or jejunal obstruction with suspected distal small bowel or colon obstruction; very small preterm infants and young babies requiring small volumes of contrast media; infants and young children with possible leakage from GI tract (eg, necrotizing enterocolitis, unexplained pneumoperitoneum, gasless abdomen, bowel or esophageal perforation, postoperative anastomosea)

PREGNANCY IMPLICATIONS — Safety and efficacy for use during pregnancy have not been established. In general, elective radiography of the abdomen is avoided during pregnancy unless essential for diagnosis.

BREAST-FEEDING CONSIDERATIONS — Barium sulfate is not systemically absorbed.

INTERNATIONAL BRAND NAMES — Barium Sulfuricum (PL); Falibaryt (PL); Micropaque (PL); Microtrast (PL); Prontobario (PL)