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OMICIN S.J.&G. Fazul Ellahie
Drug Category: Lincosamide.
Generic Name: Lincomycin.
Contents: Caps 500mg: Lincomycin (as HCI)500mg.Inj 300mg(1ml)/600mg(2ml): Per ml: Lincomycin (as HCI) 300mg; 1ml(300mg) vial; 2ml(600mg) amp & vial.Syp: Per 5ml: Lincomycin (as HCI) 250mg.
Indications: Serious lincomycin sensitive infec­tions.
Dosage: Caps/Syp: Adults: 500mg three or four times daily. Children: 10-12 years, 500mg four times daily.
Inj: Adults: 600mg by IM in] 12-24 hourly or IV infusion. 8-12 hourly. Children: Under 1 month, not recommended; others, 10mg/kg by IM Inj 12-24 hourly; alternatively 10-20mg/kg daily by IV infusion in 2 or 3 divided doses at 8-12 hour intervals.
Contra-ind: Clindamycin sensitivity.
precautions: Renal, hepatic, endocrine or metabolic disorders. Check liver function and blood regularly with prolonged use.
Interactions: Neuromuscular blocking drugs.
Adverse effects: Persistent diarrhoea, colitis; discontinue immediately.
Regn.No:Pack:Trade Prices:Retail Prices:
Caps(012421):12’s: 90.40:106.35.
lnj(012422):1ml: 15.73:18.50.
lnj(012422):2ml: 26.33:31.00.
Syp(021707):60ml: 42.58:50.09.

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